Я хотел бы представить мою продукцию на Вашем рынке. Я прошу Вас написать мне сегодня же, потому что хотел бы сделать Вам коммерческое предложение, которое Вы найдете безусловно интересным.

Centro Plastica is a specialized company on plastics recycling. A full automatic plant, running 24 hours a day, recovers very good thermoplastic resin (HDPE) from the treatment of post-consumer bottles. The recovered product (granule) can be used as a reliable raw material to manufacture several articles becouse it is stable and free of impurity.

A sole production: Recycled High Density Polyethylene granule coming from our treatment's plants of post-consumer plastic bottles with recovery of thermoplastic resin.
Our product - countersigned by our trademark CiPiTENE - is particularly qualified for blow-moulding of hollow bodies and for extrusion of profiles, no pressure pipes, sheets, nets and thermoformable plates.
Some Customers use it successfully also for injection and for films. On these cases CiPiTENE needs to be mixed with virgin PE on due percentages (from 10% up to 30%).

Via Galileo Galilei, 10
30035 Mirano Venezia (Italy)

TEL +39 041 5728484
FAX +39 041 5728427

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Which colours ?

CiPiTENE colour is light green only but it can be easily coloured on darker colours with standard masterbatches by the Customer directly.

Which Melt Flow Index has CiPiTENE ?

CiPiTENE MFI (190°C/2,16Kg) is 0,3 g/10' (ASTM D 1238) or (190°C/5Kg) 1,4 g/10' or (190°C/21,6Kg) 34,1 g/10'. Density 0,95. These data are uniform on the batch and amongst batches.

How is CiPiTENE packed ?

On 25 Kg plastic bags or on 1.250 Kg big bags. A truck load is 24 metric tons n.w. - On 1.020 Kg octabin. A truck load is 22,44 metric tons n.w. - A 20' sea container contains 16,25 metric tons n.w. - A 40' sea container contains 21,5 metric tons n.w. - Deliverable on bulk silo too.

Is CiPiTENE a reliable material indeed ?

CiPiTENE is a very reliable raw material, stable on the time and stable on quality
CiPiTENE is easily workable for blow-moulding, extrusion, thermoforming, injection and film.
CiPiTENE costs less and permits to save a lot of money.

How much PP on the CiPiTENE ?

CiPiTENE has a low PP contents. That it is very important for the products exposed to the cold or subjects to hot welding.
CiPiTENE is free of impurity (becouse it is filtered with 100 microns sieves usually or, on request, with 80 microns sieves too).